Developing Windows Azure


In this course, we will show you how to work with Azure to deploy esp. net applications into the Cloud. And once we have an application in Azure, we’ll also see how to scale, monitor, and troubleshoot the application. we’ll also show you how to work with databases in Azure, including the Azure SQL database platform, and DocumentDB. We will also work with Azure Storage and take advantage of serverless computing, using Azure functions

Key Objectives

  1. Create and customize dashboards in the Azure portal, and then share them with team members.
  2. Create and deploy a simple .NET Core web app and database using the Azure portal.
  3. Extend your app to perform data analytics using Logic Apps and Cognitive Services.
  4. Set up continuous delivery with GitHub to automatically deploy changes in a continuous delivery pipeline—making your apps more robust and easier to update.


5 days

Target Audience

  1. Supervisory
  2. Executives
  3. Managers